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Responsible for this website

Responsible for this website is

Daniel de West
Frankenwaldallee 41
91056 Erlangen
+49 9131 9409884

email: via Contact form
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Where the pictures of this website came from

If not said otherwise all pictures from this site are from

  • "Top of alle pages": Picture of Boat, Upload from user the macman
  • Page "Index/Home": Woman in chair, upload from user kultdialog
  • Flaggen-Bilder , belongs to the free template Multiflex 2 from Gerhard Studios. Downloaded from
  • Page "Contact": Woman with Laptop, upload from user neelz
  • Page "How does it work": Sunflower, upload from user tomson187
  • Page "Customer Testimonies": Paper and Pencil, upload from user Acheron

In case that anyone should get knowledge, that any of the pictures does have different owners than the ones mentioned, please use the Contact form to inform me.

Graphical representation of orders

The graphical representations of the orders where gracefully provided by Martina Schradi from A big Thank You goes to you!

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General Information

As eveyone should know by himself, the weather-order-service is just a satiric funproject. To avoid legal problems we insist on the statement, that we can _not_ influence the weather and every order you place on this website is just a declaration of intention from your side which does not cause any action from us.